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Hitachi Aqua-Tech Engineering Pte. Ltd.

Hitachi's team of water specialists are capable to design, customise, build, install & provide services support for water treatment solution to various challenging market sectors.

With almost four decades of experiences, we have been supporting with dedication to clients for our delivered projects. Backed by in-depth diversified experiences, we are able to offer a high degree of customization and design to ensure deliverable of best-fit solutions for individual customers in different market sectors demand.

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Freshwater Maker

Standardised Products

Fresh water maker, also known as reverse osmosis unit is a desalination process by removing dissolved salts from seawater under high applied pressure through a semi-permeable membrane.

Sulfate Removal Unit (SRU)

Standardised Products

In an oil production environment, seawater is injected into a reservoir to maintain pressure and ensure that hydrocarbons are channeled to the producing well. The quality of water for injection has to meet a certain water quality to prevent plugging / scaling of the injection equipment.

Potable Water

Standardised Products

Clean and safe drinking water is essential on-board offshore platforms and vessels. At Hitachi Aqua-Tech, we provide customized seawater desalination systems that can produce quality potable water.

Boiler Feed Water

Standardised Products

Boiler is used to produce steam for power generation. The feed water to the boiler has to be treated to protect against scaling and produce high quality steam.

Demineralised Water

Standardised Products

Demineralized/ Deionized Water is required for power generation, gas turbine washing, hot-water loop make-up water and for fuel gas heater cleaning.

Softened Water

Standardised Products

Hardness ions, calcium and magnesium build up on piping, boilers, steam generators, heat exchangers, water heaters and any other steam related equipment.

Service Water

Standardised Products

Service Water is water different from drinking water quality standards. It is mainly used in resource-intensive industries.

Pilot Plant

Standardised Products

Pilot Plant is to use the RO membranes to treat the various water sources.

Effluent Recycling

Standardised Products

Effluent water recycling system is using the RO membranes or other technology, it is to further purify the treated water from sewage treatment plant or industry wastewater treatment plant.

Oily Wastewater Treatment

Standardised Products

Many industries generate oily wastewater as a by-product during their daily operations. These wastewater have to be treated to suitable discharge standards to prevent environmental pollution and other harmful effects.