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Hitachi Aqua-Tech Engineering Pte. Ltd.

Hitachi's team of specialists are dedicated to creating and memorable experiences in water-related social infrastructure.

We are extremely passionate about water. We bridge connections between people and places by making it possible for people to enjoy and experience water, and the results of our endeavours are clearly illustrated in every project.

Our initiatives in innovation through new product applications are what sets us apart from our competitors. We strive to remain ahead on design trends and weave advanced technologies in our waterscapes.

Our greatest asset is the trust that you have in us and what keeps us moving forward is our relentless pursuit to keep you fascinated with our innovative waterscapes.

Formerly known as Aqua Works, we have been consistently providing high quality turnkey design and engineering services for the past 27 years. Our work process usually begins from the initial design phase, to the construct phase, and finally ends at the maintain phase.


We know best the captivating poetic nature of water, and our waterscapes are unique creative solutions delicately balanced between aesthetic appeal and engineering excellence.

Our design process begins all the way from the ideation phase. Through a series of sketches, autoCAD drawings, 3D rendered drawings and video animations, we will help you to achieve your desired waterscape experience.


With a team of highly skilled engineers, our projects are well managed and executed, meeting deadlines and exceeding client's expectations.

Awards and Appreciation

"Your hard work, dedication and support was invaluable towards the successful completion. Today, we can be truly proud of The Interlace which is an iconic landmark in Singapore." Wong Heang Fine, CapitaLand Limited

"...our appreciation for the utmost quality service of you and your team..." Matt Cheng, Project Manager, Ken-Pal (S) Pte Ltd

"...good performance and professional approach accorded..." Clement Goh, Project Manager, Shanghai Chong Kee

"Your contribution has been significant to say the least." Ng Yew Hung, Project Director, Woh Hup

"...outstanding professional services that Aqua Works have rendered to us with regards to the designs of the water features for our projects." Lim Song King, Manager (Projects Division), City Developments


As we all know, it is easier to build than to maintain. Each of our projects are designed and built for easy maintenance, and we keep our projects running in tip-top conditions as much as we can by providing comprehensive maintenance, repair and restoration services. Our maintenance team is not just experienced and technically sound, they are very dedicated and professional.